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Elevating Workflows

Workflow & Process Automation

Perfect for mature processes! Build existing workflows in featuring best-practices and automated efficiency.

Workflow & Process Automation packages typically feature:

  • 10 to 20 hour service packages
  • Expert delivery of well-defined workflow solutions
  • Cohesive boards with core automation, basic integration such as email, covering 1-2 workflows per project.

Custom Solutions

Best for complex or developing workflows! We work closely with you to design and build custom solutions to suit your unique needs. Great for clusters of workflows or bringing your whole organization together!

Custom service packages typically feature:

  • 20 to 100+ hour packages
  • Specialized guidance in development of business processes
  • Comprehensive workflows bolstered by extensive automations
  • Data tracking and resource management
  • Multiple boards, integrations, handoffs, and processes.

Consulting Services

Great for strategic planning and digital transformation! We provide expert analysis, business and process advising and mapping, workflow design and evaluation, and digital transformation. We’ll help you explore the potential of for your organization and provide a robust plan detailing a workable solution.

Consulting packages typically feature:

  • 5 to 25 hour service packages
  • Actionable expert guidance to support informed decision making
  • Options for implementation or support


For those new to seeking swift account setup or training for essential resources or the entire team! We provide in-depth training on the platforms (whether work management, CRM, or Dev) as well as ongoing support and implementation guidance. This package can be combined with other packages to ensure your team is ready for action! Onboarding packages typically include:

  • 5-15 hours of training and support
  • Live virtual training and Train the Trainer options
  • Video walkthroughs of specific processes and functions of your instance
  • Curated resources and support articles
  • On-Demand access for questions and support within the training window
  • Ongoing pacakge options for continued training and support